About Cherry

Sex, drugs and… no, there is no rock’n’roll, but there are Heather Graham who licks pussy to Diane Farr, Ashley Hinshaw who is a pornstar and Momo Juniper Hurley who does a casting couch.
About Cherry is the story of a young girl who goes to San Francisco and starts a career as a hardcore movie actress. The sequences taken from this film have impressed us. There is really a lot of interesting material, even if we only assign two stars, because nude scenes only include tits.

Palm Swings

A young married couple goes to live in Palm Springs. Here they discover that their neighbors are swingers. The young bride, played by Sugar Lyn Beard, is intrigued by this discovery… and soon the bride and groom will end up joining the love train!
The neighbor is Diane Farr, who shows us a beautiful full frontal scene at the beginning of the movie, in the dreams of Sugar Lyn Beard. Other notable tits are those, perfect, of Madison McKinley.