Emanuelle in Bangkok

Our members are well aware that we update our records very often, replacing low quality video clips with video clips of higher quality as soon as we have the opportunity. And this is what we did with clips taken from one of the most interesting films to enjoy Laura Gemser nude and other fabulous nude actresses: Emmanuelle in Bangkok. In this chapter of the saga of Black Emanuelle are parading for our eyes the beautiful Laura Gemser and other nude celebrities of great interest for the collectors of nude cinema: Ely GalleaniGaby BourgoisDebra Berger and Koike Mahoco. All the video clips of this update are in HD, don’t lose it!


In the late nineteenth century Nana arrives in Paris. She’s a beautiful and naive girl. She’ll not take long to learn how to use her erotic innocence to get what she wants. She will be a softcore actress, then the most famous courtesan in Paris, then the rich girlfriend of a banker… and so on.
Katya Berger plays Nana and gives us lots of interesting sequences, including a beautiful lesbian scene with actress Debra Berger. Yes, the two actresses are sisters, from father, actor William Berger. If you love mature women there is also a scene with Mandy Rice-Davies.