Malù e l’amante

L’Amante AKA Malù e l’amante or with the classic title L’amante di Lady Chatterley. It is a movie that shows a great many of beauties, with many erotic scenes. Together with the sensual Malù there are Barbara Blasko and Debora Calì. Please, note the very hot lesbo scene with Malù and Debora Calì. A movie you can’t loose. You can find a complete article and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update.

Mutande Pazze

The movie we present today is Mutande Pazze, directed by Roberto D’Agostino and it is a kind of ironic work against television that shows some fabulous beauties. Among these you can see, Eva Grimaldi, Barbara Kero, Deborah Calì, Monica Guerritore and Tiziana D’Arcangelo (who does remember the beautiful busty girl in the TV Show Colpo Grosso?).

Sapore di Donna

The beautiful Deborah Calì and a redhead Valentine Demy are the sexy bombs and the main characters of Sapore di donna, the movie we present in our update today. We can see some total nudes and many very spicy scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives, daily updated.

Malizia oggi

The soft and round body of Debora Calì (AKA Deborah Calì) meets the driest of Valentine Demy in a film full of nudity: Malizia oggi. A mother steals her daughter’s boyfriend, the daughter steals her mother’s lover, all put their clothes off and we are happy to look at tits, ass dancing and some stripteases. Debora Calì naked is really sexy and we are sorry that she is almost gone from the scene. On the contrary, Valentine Demy is now a popular porn star, but this film is still part of his erotic filmography. The sequences of nudes are beautiful and you can find them in our archives.

Ultimo metrò

Debora Calì (AKA Deborah Calì) is not very popular, yet she has many fans around the world. For lovers of nude actresses she is a joy to behold. A typical Italian beauty: brunette, with a soft body, a big breast and a round ass that drives you crazy. He has worked in many films in the 90’s, and then disappeared from the scene at the beginning of the new millennium. Her last appearances are in two short films. From one of these two short films, entitled Ultimo metrò, we extracted the nude sequences of our last update. If you like to see Debora Calì naked, these video clips are perfect. Debora performs in a strip-tease in a subway station and there she really shows everything, including a couple of moments with legs wide open… Unmissable.