The great many of Colpo Grosso‘s fans will be very happy with today update. Among movies, today we present Boutique, an erotic comedy with Alma Lo Moro as the main character, one of the “lucky girls” from Colpo Grosso. In the same movie, we can admire also Debora Vernetti, another celebrity who started her career with this tv show during the ’90s. You can find the complete review and many clips in our rich archives.

Colpo Grosso: Debora Vernetti

This is the month of Colpo Grosso, the cult tv show we’re speaking of in these last weeks. We’re remaking all the videos in our archives and adding more and more. The monography we present today is all dedicated to the beautiful and sensual Debora Vernetti, who plays two roles here: at first as competitor, then as one of the EuroGirl. A fabulous actress, with an erotic charisma you’ll remember. You can find her clips in our archives, together with many other clips dedicated to this famous tv show.


Freely based on John Cleland’s novel Fanny Hill, Paprika is the story of a girl who decides to prostitute herself on the advice of her boyfriend. They need the money to get married! Initially she enters the brothel with the intention of working only for fifteen days, but obviously the work will last much longer, also because his boyfriend is a profiteer.
Great classic of the master Tinto Brass that offers us a long list of nude actresses. First of all, the busty Debora Caprioglio gaves us beautiful erotic sequences. But the list continues with Clarita Gatto, Deborah Calì, Debora Vernetti, Luciana Cirenei, Martine Brochard, Nina Soldano, Petra Scharbach, Rossana Gavinel, Tiziana D’Arcangelo and Valentine Demy.