Al calar della sera

We really like Daniela Poggi. We looked at all her movies, every time with the hope of seeing her naked. And she has always satisfied us, or almost. The film we’re talking about today is not one of the most famous with Daniela Poggi as a main character, but it contains some really beautiful scenes.

Quando la coppia scoppia

The masterpiece in today update is a total nude by Daniela Poggi from the movie Quando la coppia scoppia, where she’s together with Enrico Montesano, Dalila Di Lazzaro and Lia Tanzi. Only Daniela Poggi nude in this movie, but is a great full frontal.

Teste di quoio

Daniela Poggi, Licinia Lentini and Serena Grandi are the protagonists of Teste di quoio, an Italian comedy from the early eighties and forgotten by a great part of audience. Four amateur criminals break into an embassy and then realize that it has been moved. They then take the condos as hostages, but the outcome of their operation does not seem to have great chances of success. No nudes, but a great many of thighs.

La strana storia di Olga O

Today we introduce you a particular film rather and not a lot known: The strange history of Olga O, with mythical Serena Grandi ones placed side by side from other beauties such as Daniela Poggi and Anna Petrova Maria. A movie that transmits erotism to our imagination, but there are in any case also scenes for nude skin lovers…

The Gestapo's Last Orgy

Today we present another very rare movie, highly requested by our customers: The Gestapo’s Last Orgy, one of the movies that belongs to the ’70s Italian genre called “nazi-porno”. A discussed definition because none of these movies had a single hardcore scene. The main actress in this movie is the clever and beautiful Daniela Poggi (credited as Daniela Levy), totally naked in some scenes, too. The complete review and some clips are in today update.

Il paramedico

A movie with Edwige Fenech in which Edwige Fenech doesn’t strip completely it’s always a reason of sadness. But we’re lucky, Il paramedico give us a pair of astonishing nude scenes with Daniela Poggi. We can say they’re the most beautiful from this actress, until now. Anyway, Edwige dressed as a nun, with white guepiere and stockings is exciting even with her bra on. Event today is a great day for nude celebrities lovers! You can find the complete movie review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives.