Atti impuri all’italiana

Today we present another movie from the sexy comedy that shows the beautiful and nude Dagmar Lassander and Stella Carnacina. It is a good movie but with a lower level if compared with others from the same genre. But this movie has the great quality of showing a lot of nude skin. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily update, for members only.

Black Emanuelle 2

In the long saga Black Emanuelle there is a movie without Laura Gemser, the actress who gave a face to Emanuelle in all the movies. All except one, the movie Black Emanuelle 2. After the success of the first movie, the director Adalberto Albertini needed to make a sequel but in the same time Laura Gemser was working with Joe D’Amato, so he looked for another actress. The new Emanuelle was the Israeli Shulamith Lasri. Unfortunately this actress didn’t take part to other movies after this one. A real shame, because she had a beautiful breast. Nude on the screen together with her, another actress you can see only in this movie, Danielle Ellison and then the famous Dagmar Lassander.


Let’s come back to vintage Italian comedy. This is a movie with a great quality: some beautiful nude celebrities. The title is Coeds (original title Classe mista) and it shows the goodies of many beautiful women: the redhead Dagmar Lassander and the blonds Femi Benussi and Patrizia Webley.

Peccati di gioventù

Angela is not happy with her father’s new lover and does everything to destroy their relationship. Peccati di gioventù is a film that does not keep what it promises, unfortunately: dull dialogues and subdued acting. But Gloria Guida nude makes this movie memorable. Full frontals and a sequence of nude skin by Dagmar Lassander, too.

The Laughing Woman

Today we present a very interesting movie. It is quite interesting both for the plot and the main actress: The Laughing Woman. The actress who shows her goodies is Dagmar Lassander, one of the myths from the Italian comedy.

Werewolf Woman

Today our archive is richer: new beautiful nude videos with Dagmar Lassander and Annik Borel totally naked. The movie we present today is Werewolf Woman, with these actresses and many beautiful scenes. We’ve spoken many times about Dagmar Lassander, while Annik Borel is a new entry in our encyclopedia of celebrities. You won’t forget her body and her deep sensuality!

Zucchero, miele e peperoncino

Today we present you the restored trailers with an higher definition of a movie we already had in our archive. That movie is Zucchero, miele e peperoncino. The trouble was that the content wasn’t so good and we hadn’t content for any actress but only with Edwige Fenech. Today we add restored clips with Edwige Fenech and some new clips with Dagmar Lassander and Patrizia Garganese. Well, since today there are a new review of this film and new clips. Don’t loose it!