A Hollywood artist with a mid-life crisis, a newly married woman who makes him fall in love, a honeymoon in Acapulco… and lots of naked actresses. 10 is a romantic comedy by director Blake Edwards that made Bo Derek famous around the world. The beautiful Bo Derek became the most famous pin-up of the 80s and certainly deserved this fame, because it was fabulous.
In this film the nude actresses are many and some come from hardcore cinema: Annette Haven, Constance Money and Dorothy Le May. Plus, a sexy role for Julie Andrews.

The opening of Misty Beethoven

Today we present another journey in hardcore cinema with some clips from The opening of Misty Beethoven, maybe the best hadcore movie, inspired by the Pigmalione by G.B. Shaw. Misty is interpreted by Constance Money (already known as Susan Jensen, her real name). You can find a complete review and some clips to illustrate it in our today update.