Act of Vengeance

A serial molester in a hockey mask wanders the streets of the city. No, it’s not Jason Voorhees. This is a much more loser dude. One of the harassed women, played by Jo Ann Harris, discovers she is not the only one, joins all the others and they organize a punitive expedition.
Certainly not a family movie. Definitely a film that also pleases us lovers of nude celebrities, with the titties of Jo Ann Harris, Anneka Di Lorenzo, Connie Strickland, Lisa Moore and Jennifer Lee.


A rock band with a very original name – The Group – during its touring tour it collects a couple of groupies. But the bassist of the band starts to have mental disorders and everything becomes a fucking tragedy.
Other interesting nude celebrities from the 70s: Connie Strickland, Diane Lee Hart and Heather Collins. A waitress of a topless bar and two groupies.