The Long Weekend

Ed Waxman is a responsible adult. His brother Cooper is an immature who loves parties. Put the brothers together for a couple of days and you can bet that some mess will come out. The Long Weekend is the film that tells us what happens when the two are together, and also shows us a bit ‘of tits. Those of Catherine Devine, Holly Eglington and Jennifer Walther. And also the right nipple of Cobie Smulders. If this sounds ridiculous to you, this is all you can see of Cobie Smulders’ boobs in all of her filmography, so we have to be satisfied.

Alright Now

It’s really hard to see Cobie Smulders naked. We watch her films analyzing frame by frame and with each new work our hope is rekindled.
Alright Now is the last film we analyzed. Cobie Smulders plays a rock musician and fortunately there are several sexy sequences. And thanks to our slow-motion vision we found an “ops” sequence in which a tit comes out of the shirt. We would have liked more, but our hope will never be exhausted.