Il traduttore

Anna wants the diary of her died husband to be translated, because it is written in German. She takes a Romanian translator, Andrei. Between the two grows a strong attraction. The viewers of this film, called Il traduttore, can enjoy some beautiful sex scenes. They can see, above all, Claudia Gerini nude and very, very sexy. A few sequences, but rich in erotism. A must-have upgrade for fans of Claudia Gerini and Italian nude actresses.

The Unknown Woman

Persecuted by a horrible past, a young Ukrainian woman creeps into the life of a wealthy Italian family. This is briefly the plot of the film The Unknown Woman, in which we can admire the beautiful naked Russian actress Kseniya Rappoport, but also a fast and beautiful nude by the Italian actress Claudia Gerini. If you love nude actresses, today videos will show you a couple of fabulous women, in HD. In this film the bathtub gives us a great satisfaction.