Carabinieri si nasce

In Italy, between the ‘70s and the ‘80s, many comedy movies had been produced, consisting in a serie of events inspired by jokes dedicated to one of the Italian armies and that is the carabinieri. Some time ago we talked about the movie I carabbimatti, but today it is the turn of the movie Carabinieri si nasce. Unfortunately these films were not particularly funny, but they had the advantage to include some naked actresses. In this film, in example, we can admire Malisa Longo, Cinzia de Ponti and Tinì Cansino, three myths of Italian cinema.

College Girl on Vacation

Today we come back to classical erotic comedy with the movie La liceale al mare con l’amica di papà, with the beautiful Cinzia De Ponti (see picture), also known as Cinzia Fiordeponti, and Sabrina Siani. They’re less popular among Italian icons of erotic comedy, but they have both a quite big group of fans. Together with them, a sensual Marisa Mell. Not nude, as always, but really sensual.

Il marito in vacanza

Lilli Carati is an icon and doesn’t need we present her. Her name is one of the most requested and among the most beloved by our members. So we always try to find new content with her. Today we present a very nice movie in which Lilli Carati is together with a beautiful Cinzia De Ponti. The movie is Il marito in vacanza. You can see fabulos nudes and very sexy scenes. You can find a complete review and many clips in our daily update.

La maestra di sci

We have a great many of members asking for a review ot the movie we present today. It is a rare movie with the beautiful Carmen Russo together with two beautiful women: Cinzia de Ponti and Sonia Otero. The movie is La maestra di sci and starting today you can find a complete review and many unforgettable clips to illustrate it.

My Wife Goes Back to School

Just a few words: Carmen Russo nude. Today update presents a new movie with a complete review and clips: My Wife Goes Back to School. Together with Carmen’s nude beautiful body, we can see other two very interesting beauties: Cinzia De Ponti and the less popular Adriana Giuffré.

Perché non facciamo l'amore?

A fake sexologist makes a home visit from a wealthy industrialist. Here, he will know the wife of the farmer and his sister, ending up involved in various sexual affairs. It could not be otherwise, since his wife and sister are interpreted by two queens of Italian cinema: Barbara Bouchet and Cinzia De Ponti. Unfortunately the nudes are few, we would have gladly looked at many more…

The New York Ripper

By a great master of horror, a film full of nude actresses. The video clip of our last update are in fact taken from the film by Lucio Fulci The New York Ripper and celebrities are among the most beautiful of Italian cinema from the ’80s. Daniela DoriaCinzia de PontiZora Kerova and Alexandra Delli Colli. Full frontal nudes and sexy scenes for these actresses that will please all the fans of blonde women. Enjoy the nude scenes from this movie that you can find in our archives. Now in HD!

Vigili e vigilesse

Comedy movie, sexy Italian comedy, grotesque cinema… Vigili e vigilesse tries to merge all these genres together, but in reality it’s simply a mediocre movie.
Why do we care about this bad movie? Because there are three incredible beauties in it, starting with the busty Donatella Damiani. Together with her, Cinzia De Ponti and Stella Carnacina.
Donatella Damiani is one of our favorite actresses of the 80s. Big tits and round ass. Cinzia De Ponti is intriguing and sensual. Stella Carnacina is sexy and mischievous, but unfortunately in this movie she doesn’t take off her clothes.