Celebrity Sex Tape

Twelve nude celebrities for a film with a discussed topic in last years. Celebrities’ sex tape. As a matter of fact, the title of this movie is Celebrity Sex Tape. A group of nerds can record a video of their friend while he’s under the sheets with a drunk celebrity and her career takes off. From now on, they specialize in producing Celebrity Sex Tape. The list of nude celebrities? Here it is: Jenny Lin, Diana Terranova, Christina Sasso, Amanda Ward, Kylee Nash, Christine Nguyen, Erika Jordan, Piper Major, Maura Murphy, Angie Savage, Julie Barzman and the prosperous Emily Addison. All videos in our archives are HD.

Dexter [Season 7]

Yvonne Strahovski‘s worldwide success arrived with the tv serial Chuck, but we needed to wait for the seventh season of Dexter, to see some short nude scenes. Unfortunately only a few, but enough to excite her followers. And we’re her fans, too. But this season of Dexter is enough also for those who’re waiting to see a pair of beautiful tits, thanks to the nude scenes with Amber Hay, Angelina Lyubomirova, Brittany Slattery, Christine Nguyen, Hannah Townsend, Katia Winter, Laura Soares and Maria Zyrianova.

House Broken

We know, you would like to see Brie Larson naked. We too! Unfortunately, the beautiful actress does not take off her shirt very easily. While we write these lines the only film showing us Brie Larson’s tits is Tanner Hall. We continue to hope and in the meantime we enjoy these supersexy sequences taken from House Broken.
This comedy has several sexy scenes and also a couple of naked actresses: Christine Nguyen and Tabitha Taylor. The protagonists of the sexy scenes in addition to Brie Larson are the sensual Caitlin Crosby and the super MILF Katey Sagal.


Haley Bennett nude, Roxanne Mesquida nude, Juno Temple nude… what a great movie! Kaboom is a story of a group of college students and their sexual awakening. Boobs, oral sex, lesbian scenes… We really appreciate these kind of movies. Haley Bennett and Roxanne Mesquida togheter under the sheets are very exciting , and Juno Temple boobs are perfect. Great scenes, don’t lose these clips in our archives.

The Love Machine

A relationship counselor takes her job too seriously. The women being treated by her are reprogrammed through a “love machine”. Hypnotized. When men unconsciously pronounce a key phrase, their women brutally kill them. At least they are dead fucking.
Beautiful women and exciting sequences, including a lesbian scene between Jennifer Korbin and Alice Haig. The other nude actresses are Beverly Lynne, Carter Cruise, Christine Nguyen, Erika Jordan and Pepper Xo.