After Life

In Afterlife the question you formulate for the whole movie is: Christina Ricci is dead or alive? No spoilers from CinemaCult, but we can easily answer anothe question that our users often make. The answer is: yes, that’s Christina Ricci naked. Very, very naked. You can find a complete review in our daily updated archives and some clips to illustrate it, in HD too.

Black Snake Moan

Rae has a disease that afflicts all her life, but makes happier the lives of the men she meets: she suffers of nymphomania. Rae is interpreted by the beautiful Christina Ricci, who makes your eyes open wide each time she strips and puts her t-shirt off. The movie we’re speaking of, and for which we’re presenting a complete review with many HD clips to illustrate it, it’s Black Snake Moan. If you like round firm boobs, this is an update you can’t loose.

Prozac Nation

Prozac Nation is a true story, the biography of the journalist Elisabeth Wurztel and her depression. The title of the film can not be misunderstood, as it speaks of one of the most famous antidepressant medicines in the world. In the role of the young Lizzie, who attends Harvard University, we find the beautiful Christina Ricci. This movie is twice important for us collectors of nude actresses. It is the first Christina Ricci‘s nude film, and it is also her first full frontal. Do not miss these video clips from the movie!

Z: The Beginning of Everything

Christina Ricci is Z, or Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the beautiful and talented icon of the Jazz Age of the twenties. And she is also the actress who presents us yet another fabulous nude in 2017, with a full frontal to drive us crazy! Unfortunately, this serie was canceled a few months after the confirmation of the second season. A pity, because Christina Ricci was really fabulous in the role of Zelda.