Nazi Love Camp 27

We’re back with a movie from the nazi-erotic genre, called also nazi-porn due to the many hardcore scenes added after to many of these movies. The movie we present today, Nazi Love Camp 27 (original title La svastica nel ventre) is a good work by Mario Caiano but here he used the alias William Hawkins. He was a good director for genre movies, from the spaghetti-western to the police movies. In this movie we can admire also the beautiful Sirpa Lane, Christiana Borghi, Gloria Piedimonte, Renata Moar, Rita Moscatelli and Sarah Crespi.

Midnight Blue

Today we present a movie dedicated to the best collectors of the nude celebrities from the ’70s: Midnight Blue. It isn’t a popular movie but it has a very interesting cast, starting with the blonde Monica Como – here starting her career – arriving to other two cult beauties from that age: Elisabetta Valgiusti and Christiana Borghi. We must underline also the presence of the fabulos Dirce Funari, who was the Italian Playmate of the Year, a year before this movie. Unfortunately it’s only a presence in the cast, because she isn’t nude in this movie…

Moglie nuda e siciliana

Good news for vintage nude celebrities lovers. In today update we present a quite rare movie, Moglie nuda e siciliana, rich of generous nudes. The actresses shown here, totally naked, are the beautiful Christiana Borghi and Maria Pia Conte. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives, daily updated.