Addio fratello crudele

Do you like Charlotte Rampling nude? Great, because in this movie you can admire Charlotte Rampling naked! Addio fratello crudele is a story of brothers and love and betrayal and revenge… But we can see only one thing: Charlotte Rampling naked.

Max mon amour

Max mon amour is a film about the love story between a woman and a monkey. The interesting part for us are nude celebrities. Two very interesting nude actresses: Charlotte Rampling and Sabine Haudepin.
If you love French actresses and love beautiful women, these two interpreters satisfy both your interests.

Signs & Wonders

If you like matures and you love naked actresses, the movie of which we speak today meets both your passions. The videos that we recently added to our archives are from the movie Signs & Wonders, where we find Charlotte Rampling naked in the year 2000, in all the beauty of her 54 years. Do not miss this update, along with the rest of the content that we add daily to our archives.

Swimming Pool

Charlotte Rampling and Ludivine Sagnier are roommates and we had to choose which of these nude actresses we like most. No doubt, the young Ludivine Sagnier nude is a masterpiece, but don’t miss Charlotte. Swimming Pool is a movie between drama, thriller and erotic. The stories of the two heroines take place around this swimming pool. Charlotte Rampling is a writer of detective stories, while Ludivine Sagnier is the libertine daughter of the publisher. Sagnier is often nude on the stage, but Charlotte Rampling shows us a¬†full frontal nude. In the year in which this film was made, 2003, Charlotte Rampling was 57 and she still had a gorgeous body.

The Night Porter

A film of the Italian director Liliana Cavani, released in 1974, was immediately reported as one of the most controversial of that period: The Night Porter. Forty years later it is still a disturbing film due to the plot. We, however, who are superficially interested in the nude celebrities, find there is an enjoyable ingredient in this film: Charlotte Rampling naked. One of the most famous nude of Charlotte Rampling ever, the picture topless and harnesses we have seen so often associated with The Night Porter. Sequences are highly sensual and we present them in HD.

Yuppi Du

Yuppi Du is no doubt one of the best works by Adriano Celentano. Recently it was renovated. This appened after a long time in which this movie became rare, with no views on tv. Among the best in this movie, there are the nude bodies of Charlotte Rampling and Sonia Viviani. We speak of this movie in our daily update, with an article and many clips to illustrate it.