2 Days in the Valley

2 Days in the Valley, which is the 48-hour story in which the lives of many people alternate. And various crimes.
But this is also a film in which the beauty of Charlize Theron has literally hypnotized us. Between lingerie and nudes the phenomenal Charlize has caused various movements in our trousers. We also add a provocative Teri Hatcher to the recipe.

Atomic Blonde

An undercover MI6 agent in Berlin’s Cold War, the wall that is falling, intrigues, secret dossiers … and Charlize Theron nude slipping out of a bathtub full of ice cubes. This is Atomic Blonde, the ultimate interpretation of the fabulous Charlize Theron that gives us a lot of intriguing sequences, including a supersexy lesbian scene between her and Sofia Boutella. If you like watching Charlize Theron naked – and why not? – the sequences from this movie are yours! (more…)

Head in the Clouds

There’re other awesome clips added to our archives. We’re speaking of the movie Head in the Clouds, with a sensual and nude Charlize Theron, really exciting. There aren’t many nude scenes, but enough content to make us happy. Don’t miss our review, with some very interesting clips from this movie.

The Devil’s Advocate

It’s time to present other new clips in HD format. Today we do it presenting a movie with some gorgeous nude celebrities: Charlize Theron, Connie Nielsen and Tamara Tunie became famous with the tv production Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The movie we’re speaking of is The Devil’s Advocate, in which we can see some very exciting scenes. You can’t forget the sequence in which Keanu is fucking Charlize Theron, and she transforms in Connie Nielsen, then again in Charlize Theron and so on. Two for one! Charlize Theron and Connie Nielsen‘s fans will be happy to know that they both offer a fabulous total nude.