La tête de Normande St-Onge

The beautiful Carole Laure shows us a lot in the movie La tête de Normande St-Onge. Among the many scenes, you can’t forget a long masturbation by her partner, while she’s laying on the bed, her t-shirt raised to reveal her breasts and a pair of white woolen garments. A very long and very exciting sequence. But the video clips from this movie are many and they are all fabulous. If you want to enjoy the naked scenes of this Canadian actress in her best years, this update is yours!

Sweet Movie

In 1974 Dusan Makavejev made a surrealist and psychedelic movie based on the adventures of two women. Title is Sweet MovieCarole Laure plays the role of Miss Universe 1984, while Anna Prucnal is a rebel who commands a strange ship. There would be many words to say on this film, but we concentrate – as usual – on nude actresses. Carole Laure nude is a gorgeous show for our eyes. And Anna Prucnal is really malicious. Don’t miss the nude clips from this movie!