Deep Throat

These days Lovelace arrives in cinema. In this movie Amanda Seyfried is Linda Lovelace, the main character of the famous movie Deep Throat. This is a good occurrence to present the original Linda Lovelace and this milestone from the hard cinema. Directed by the filmaker Gerard Damiano, the “Eisenstein” of hardcore, it was produced in only 6 days, costed only 25,000 dollars and earned 600 millions. One of the greatest blockbusters in cinema history. It was defined porno chic by intellectuals, Sinatra bought a copy for a private watch, New York Times spoke about, Johnny Carson and Bob Hope talk about, Jackie Onassis and Truman Capote saw it… An unforgettable movie, known even by those who have never saw it. It had so many imitations and followers… We at CinemaCult can’t forget it and so you can find interesting clips in our archive, updated today. Enjoy!