Buona come il pane

Our archives are constantly updated. We both add new clips and movie reviews, and substitute old clips with new, larger, longer, bigger and higher quality clips. We add sound where it lacks, in example in those clips made at the beginning of this century when the net was slower and even 100 Kb less in a clip helped.
Today we present a restaurated video clips of a classical movie: Buona come il pane, with a totally naked Carmen Russo as the main character.

Giovani, belle… probabilmente ricche

Three wives, a legacy and a particular challenge to receive it. A libertine friend dies and leaves everything to her three friends, but there is a condition. They will have to betray their husbands… The three friends are Carmen Russo, Nadia Cassini and Olinka Hardiman. Can we ask more? Of course not!

Il tifoso, l’arbitro e il calciatore

A classic Italian sexy comedy splitted into two football-themed episodes. In every episode, a breathtaking celebrity. The first is the busty Carmen Russo, one of the most desired women in Italy in the 80s. The second is Daniela Poggi, beautiful, blonde and with a very elegant beauty. Both are fabulous and both give us beautiful sexy sequences.

La maestra di sci

We have a great many of members asking for a review ot the movie we present today. It is a rare movie with the beautiful Carmen Russo together with two beautiful women: Cinzia de Ponti and Sonia Otero. The movie is La maestra di sci and starting today you can find a complete review and many unforgettable clips to illustrate it.

My Wife Goes Back to School

Just a few words: Carmen Russo nude. Today update presents a new movie with a complete review and clips: My Wife Goes Back to School. Together with Carmen’s nude beautiful body, we can see other two very interesting beauties: Cinzia De Ponti and the less popular Adriana Giuffré.


Nerone by Pingitore and Castellacci is a medium level parody. It is funny among those movies batching history and humor but nothing more. The very interesting aspect in this movie is the quality of nude skin, that appears many times. Maria Grazia Buccella (as Poppea), Marina Marfoglia and a full nude by Paola Tedesco. Even a very young and uncredited Carmen Russo.

Patrick Still Lives

The movie Patrick Still Lives isn’t a masterpiece, but for us, nude actresses lovers, it must be seen. Three different beauties are on the screen for the most part of this movie. The busty Carmen Russo, the sensual Mariangela Giordano and the thin Andrea Belfiore. Three beautiful bodies, three gorgeous naked women and, we must underline, totally naked. An update you can’t miss.

Quella peste di Pierina

Many new footage from very rare movies are to be added to our archives, which are already filled of delicious clips for nude celebrities collectors. The first entry of this new fantastic season is the movie Quella peste di Pierina, with Carmen Russo and Marina Marfoglia, a movie for the best collectors. You can find a complete review and many clips in our archives.

Ragazze in affitto s.p.a.

Today we present one of the best cult movies, Ragazze in affitto SpA, with an astonishing list of nude celebrities: Carina BaroneZora Kerova (also know as Zora Kerowa), Carmen RussoFrançoise Gayat and Fabianne Mai.You can find a complete review in our archives, but today we’ve added new clips with a higher definition. Of course you can still find the rare clips from the uncensored version of this movie. An update you can’t loose!

Ring of Darkness

We’re receiving a lot of emails calling for new clips with Carmen Russo nude, so today we try to make her fans happy. It’s quite hard because we already have almost the whole filmography of this actress. Today we’ve found the rare Ring of Darkness (original title Un’ombra nell’ombra), an horror by Pier Carpi in which we can see the beautiful Carmen together with other beauties as Lara Wendel, Irene Papas and Anne Heywood. You can find in our archives a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

The Nurse in the Military Madhouse

Between the ’70s and the ’80s it was enough saying “The most beautiful ass in the world” and all understood the subject was Nadia Cassini. After many years – and many asses – but Nadia’s back is still in the hit parade of the most beautiful from the cinema. In the movie we present today, The Nurse in the Military Madhouse, we’re lucky because we can see a rare total nude scene. Nadia Cassini was happy to show her back, but she stripped only a little. In this movie, thanks to a transparent underwear and panties, we can see her bush for a little. But total nude scenes are many: Nieves Navarro, another gorgeous actress in this movie, gave us a beautiful total nude. Not enough? Ok, we add another pair of nude celebrities that make you lose your head: Carmen Russo and Karin Schubert.