2-Headed Shark Attack

A two-headed shark attacks a boat and the survivors take refuge on a desert atoll. But the water starts to rise and the shark has two mouths to fill… A movie full of bikinis, beautiful actresses and even a pair of Oscar-winning boobs. Amber English and Anna Jackson take off their swimsuits and do a threesome in the water with a lucky guy. Even the shark feels lucky when he sees their asses in the sea. And then there are Ashley Bissing, Corinne Nobles, Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra.

Starsky & Hutch

Two nice and somewhat clumsy street cops, in a remake of a very famous television series of the 70’s: Starsky & Hutch.
Between an adventure and the other aboard their red and white Ford Gran Torino, we admire Carmen Electra and Amy Smart who do pom pom girls or kiss each other. And again we enjoy Brande Roderick and Juliette Lewis supersexy.