Dolce pelle di Angela

A fabulous day for Michela Miti‘s fans. Today you can see Michela Miti nude from one of her best movies: Dolce pelle di Angela (AKA The Seduction of Angela). Stockings, lesbian, bouncing boobs, threesome… This movie is rich of erotic scene. Plus, Carmen Di Pietro nude in a short scene. You can find a great selection of videoclip extracts from this movie in our archives. You can’t loose it!

Hard Car – Desiderio sfrenato del piacere

Hard Car – Desiderio sfrenato del piacere is an erotic thriller form the end of the ’80s. The beautiful Angie steals a floppy disk with secret informations on a multinational company and… no, dude, don’t care. We have seen this movie because the main character is Valentine Demy, nude from beginning to the end. There’s also a good lesbo scene with her and the fabulous Carmen Di Pietro. And what can you say of the long scene in which Valentine Demy shaves her bush in front of the camera? If these nude celebrities aren’t enough, there are also a couple of scenes with Cristina Rinaldi. We speak of this movie in one of our last updates, with some fabulous clips and a complete review.

Lady Chatterley Story

Today we present a review dedicated to a movie with some unforgettable sequences. We’re speaking of Lady Chatterly Story, with the marvellous Malù and Carmen Di Pietro, together with the sensual Michaela, a less popular actress that you’ll be glad to meet. Astonishing clips, with Malù at her best and a blonde beautiful Carmen Di Pietro.

Le Castellane

Yet another erotic version of Lucrezia Borgia’s life, but no doubt one of the most interesting version. We are talking of the film Le Castellane, a rare film that presents a nice list of nude celebrities: Carmen Di PietroLucia PratoGala OrlovaGiovanna Chicco… Lots of nudity. Big boobs, total naked scenes… a real treat for lovers of bare skin.

Ossessione Fatale

Today update is Ossessione Fatale, one of those movies you must watch if you like Carmen Di Pietro (but… who doesn’t like her?) A real simple plot to show half an hour of sex and sensuality. Really fantastic!


A group of clumsy photographers tries at any cost to make a lucky shot. With a series of tricks they try to capture some of the most beautiful celebrities of Italian television of the 90s.
Among provocative asses, breasts, lingerie and bikinis, a variety of beauties parade before our eyes: Carmen Di Pietro, Ela Weber, Elenoire Casalegno, Brigitte Nielsen, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Natalia Estrada and Luana Ravegnini.


Penombra is the third title of a trilogy made by Bruno Gaburro where the main character is the soft skin of Paola Senatore. It’s a movie realized putting together different scenes from the first two movies (Maladonna and Malombra). Plus, he added a new part. There are many nudes, full frontal too. The stripping actresses are: Paola Senatore, Claudia Cavalcanti, Marcella Petrelli and a very young Carmen Di Pietro.

Snack Bar Budapest

Another little masterpiece by the master Tinto Brass. The title is Snack Bar Budapest and it is one of the best movies by Brass. As in all his movies, the story is characterized by nude and prosperous women. Here there are Loredana Romito, Raffaella Baracchi, Sylvie Orcier, Carmen Di Pietro, Giuditta Del Vecchio and Valentine Demy.

War Baby

Today we jump in the 90s to present another work by Joe D’Amato – He directed more than 200 movies, so we often meet him in our researches. This movie is War Baby. Not one of his best works, but shows the nude skins of many beauties such as Carmen Di Pietro, Jennifer Loeb, Tracy Ray and Nicole Gray.