Mi conejo es el mejor

Lina Romay and a few BDSM… a good couple, for the movie Mi conejo es el mejor. Our soft Lina is a lesbian girl in a prison, then a fugitive, then the object of desire for a sadomasochist who will transform her in his slave. It’s hard to say if it’s a good movie because Lina’s soft hills distracted us. There are very hot lesbo scenes with Elena Álvarez and Carmen Carrión. You can find a complete movie review and many astonishing clips in our archives.

La casa de las mujeres perdidas

Today we analyze the nudes from another movie with Lina Romay, here accredited with one of her most known pseudonym, Candy Coster. The movie is La casa de las mujeres perdidas and it’s rich of nude scenes, including the fabulous lesbo scene between the nude actresses involved in this work by Jesùs Franco. Together with Linda Romay nude, we can enjoy the sight of the Spanish actresses Carmen Carrión and Asunción Calero, maybe less popular than the fabulous Lina, but sexy and attractive like her.