P.O. Box Tinto Brass

We’re speaking again of Tinto Brass and we do this by uploading a complete review of one of his richest movies… rich in term of number of nude celebrities. The movie is P.O. Box Tinto Brass and it shows a long list of beautiful actresses, all totally naked: Alessandra AntonelliCinzia RoccaforteErika SavastaniSara CosmiGabriella BarbutiGaia ZucchiClaudia BiagiottiLaura GualtieriCarla Solaro and Cristina Rinaldi… Ten beauties for each taste… You can find the complete review and many clips to illustrate it in CinemaCult archives.

Top Girl

A name, a guarantee: Joe D’Amato.
Two names, two super hot actresses: Carla Solaro and Sonia Topazio.
Put these three names together and get one of the classic erotic films of Joe D’Amato, an Italian director with a huge number of fans. The nude sequences are many and all beautiful, because these two actresses have a lot of interesting features: hot, provocative, sensual, sexy, fabulous bodies… In short, this story of a girl who is lucky to be chosen for a TV series is a movie that gives so much to lovers of nude actresses.