Milano rovente

Milano Rovente was the first detective story directed by Umberto Lenzi, one of the cult directors from the ’70s Italian cinema. It was probably inspired to Milano Calibro 9, by the collegue Fernando Di Leo. This movie isn’t one of the best by Lenzi, but it deserves a prominent place among the many noir which were made at that time. To us, lovers of nude actresses, the film offers some faces of great interest, such as the beautiful Gabriella Lepori. With her, Carla Romanelli and Marta Fabiani. In our archives we have added new videos taken from this movie, now in HD.

The Lonely Lady

Jerilee is an aspiring screenwriter who hopes to succeed in Hollywood. To achieve this success, the girl accepts a sordid relationship. And not only that. The Lonely Lady is a great movie for those who want to see Pia Zadora nude. And together with her there are also a couple of nudes by Glory Annen and Carla Romanelli.

The Sensuous Nurse

A great classic of Ursula Andress‘ filmography: The Sensuous Nurse, a movie by Nello Rosati which started a new genre in which the main characters were always nurses, ginecologists, doctors… Together with the beautiful Andress, while she exhibits totally naked in some astonishing scenes, there are many other beauties such as Carla Romanelli and Luciana Paluzzi.

Una cavalla tutta nuda

Una cavalla tutta nuda┬áis a decamerotic movie from the early ’70s and presents a long and amazing scene with Barbara Bouchet nude. At first from the back, then on her knees doggy-style, and finally standing nude in front of the camera. A really awesome scene, expecially for the many Barbara Bouchet‘s fans. The movie, unfortunately poor of nude scenes, gives us another interesting sequence with Carla Romanelli nude.