Emanuelle Around the World

We’re back speaking of the beautiful Laura Gemser, one of the most requested by our members. There is a complete review for the movie Emanuelle Around the World (original title: Emanuelle, perché violenza alle donne?), another chapter in the history of Emanuelle Nera, signed by Joe D’Amato. Together with Laura Gemser, are three famous actresses in ’70s erotic movies: Brigitte Petronio, Paola Maiolini and Karin Schubert. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in today update.

House on the Edge of the Park

This movie is a real parade of nude beauties. It is La casa sperduta nel parco (AKA House on the Edge of the Park), in which our eyes are full of the nude beauties of the gorgeous Annie BelleBrigitte PetronioMarie Claude Joseph and Lorraine De Selle.

Il porno shop della settima strada

A famous cult movie in today update. Today we present the movie Il porno shop della settima strada, directed by Joe D’Amato. In front of the camera, totally naked, are three beloved beauties: Annamaria Clementi, Brigitte Petronio and Annj Goren (also known as Anne Goren, or Anna Maria Napolitano). You can find a complete review and new high quality clips in our archives.

La compagna di banco

A great many of nudes, in the movie we’re presenting today. We start with the always requested Lilli Carati, an icon from the sexy cinema. The movie is La compagna di banco and together with her we find other beautiful actresses: Brigitte PetronioSusanna SchemmariNikki Gentile… Another update you can’t loose! You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Maschio latino cercasi

Maschio latino cercasi is an episodic film that tells how the Italian male deals with sex: from the elderly gentleman who uses plastic surgery to avoid looking old next to the young girlfriend, until the couples exchange. An excellent cast of nude actresses: Gloria Guida among all, and last but not least Adriana Asti, Brigitte Petronio, Dayle Haddon and Stefania Casini.