Come Play with Me 2

A parade of nude celebrities and many video clips in HD. Today we present the review of the movie Come Play with Me 2 (original title: Die Nichten der Frau Oberst), the story of a countess and her nephews, very open with their sexuality. In the large country estate in which the film takes place between the countess, nephews, maidens, the list of nude celebrities is long and they are all beautiful women, very much appreciated by the fans of erotic cinema. From Brigitte Lahaie and her fabulous tits, continuing with Karine Gambier, Pascale Vital, Nadine Pascal, France Lomay and Cathy Stewart. Lot of bare skin in this update. And all in HD!

Island Women

Island Women is a movie with a lot of nude skin, Island Women, by Erwin C.Dietrich. The director presents a WIP movie that tells the story of some prostitutes living in a state prison, with all the scenes that this kind of film offers. Cold showers, genitals inspections and whipping. Alle the actresses are beautiful, starting with the blonde e curvy Brigitte Lahaie. This French beauty has a lot of fans. And then, Karine GambierNadine Pascal and France Lomay, all very nude. Orges, lesbo scenes… an unmissable update.

Joy and Joan

The model Joy isn’t lucky in love affairs. After her boyfriend left her, she decides to travel to Singapore with the decadent Bruce. Here she met Joan, a turistic guide who becomes her soul mate. He makes her discover new ways for passion. This is the short story of the French movie Joy and Joan, based on a serie of erotic books. The collectors of nude actresses and icons of nude cinema will be happy to know that Joy is interpreted by the blonde and busty Brigitte Lahaie, she was before a queen of the sexploitation and then a pornstar. Together with her, other interesting nude celebrities: Maria Isabel Lopez and Isabelle Solar.


Brigitte Lahaie plays the role of a policewoman in this 80s thriller. A policewoman who investigates a case of kidnapping during the day, while at night she investigates the physical qualities of some of her colleagues.
Brigitte Lahaie is one of the most intriguing French actresses of the last century. And she’s also one of the most prolific. From thriller to softcore to hardcore, she really did everything. We prefer her in soft and hard productions, but also in this movie there are several interesting scenes.

La clinique des fantasmes

The life of certain gynecologists seems to be hard. This film begins with one of them, a drunken man tells another man that when he was a gynecologist all the women jumped on him. So stressful that he decided to give up work.
What an unlucky man!
A beautiful porn with a long list of actresses: Barbara Moose, Brigitte Lahaie, Brigitte Verbecq, France Lomay, Julia Perrin, Mika Barthel, Monique Carrère and Morgane. The menu is the usual one, starting from the blowjobs and ending with the threesome.

La maison des phantasmes

We’re never bored by looking at Brigitte Lahaie nude, this beautiful French blondie who worked both in softcore and hardcore cinema. Her soft body and her fabulous tits made many spectators dreaming, and still today she’s a myth with a large number of fans all over the world. And the sequences we present today come from her hardcore production. They are sequences from the movie La Maison des phantasmes. There is all: blowjobs, threesomes, group masturbations, orges… Together with her in this film are Elisabeth Buré, Morgane and Cristel Lauris. It doesn’t matter wether or not you’re fans of Brigitte Lahaie: you’ll enjoy these videos.

La Rabatteuse

La Rabatteuse is a great movie for Brigitte Lahaie fans. And not only. It’s also a great movie for fans of Barbara Moose, Danièle Troeger, France Lomay, Karine Gambier, Marion Schultz and Marion Webb.
Lots of actresses and lots of sex sequences in this beautiful 70s hardcore. Orgies, licks, blowjobs, lesbian scenes, strap-ons… Nothing is missing.
Brigitte Lahaie never disappoints, both for her softcore and hardcore productions.But… we still prefer hardcore ones.

Le couteau sous la gorge

Le couteau sous la gorge offers us an exceptional team-up: Brigitte Lahaie and Florence Guérin.
You will have immediately understood that this is not a hardcore film, since there is Florence Guérin, but it is very rich in sequences with a high erotic content. Showers, bathtubs, full-length nudes …
The plot is very simple. A maniac stalks some models posing for erotic photographs. There is nothing else to say. But there is a lot to see.

Les plaisirs fous

After so many years we are still undecided: do we prefer Brigitte Lahaie blonde or Brigitte Lahaie brunette?
This is a very difficult choice and we will probably never decide. However, in Les plaisirs fous our Brigitte is brown. This is the story of a cold and distant secretary. After the first half hour, she changes her mind and becomes a nasty girl. Along with Brigitte there are Danièle Troeger, Jocelyne Clairis, Maryline Guillaume and Siegried Cellier.

Les raisins de la mort

The protagonist of this movie is a young woman who discovers a disturbing fact. The pesticide that is sprayed on the vineyards turns people into zombies. Probably an organic cultivation is to be evaluated.
Les raisins de la mort does not offer much regarding nude actresses, but there is Brigitte Lahaie who takes off her dress and shows us those fantastic tits and the blonde pussy. And we can not resist to Brigitte Lahaie.

Ondées brûlantes

Ondées brûlantes is a pornographic film of 1978, directed by Bernard Lapeyre and Jacques Orth. The plot is almost non-existent: two couples decide to watch a hardcore movie. Watching the movie they get excited, stop watching and start fucking. End of the plot.
The two porn stars are legendary: Brigitte Lahaie and France Lomay. The repertoire is the classic one, from blowjobs to orgies.

Porno Story

There is not much to say about this film. Also known as the Journal intime d’une salope, published in 1978 and composed of a series of archive footage taken from other movies.
So, all we can tell you is that there are blowjobs, lesbian scenes, masturbation, toys, threesome and much more. And we can provide you with the list of actresses, of course: Barbara Moose, Brigitte Lahaie, Christel Lauris, Danièle Troeger, Jenny Feeling and Karine Gambier.

Secrets d'adolescentes

We start this week with the beautiful boobs of the blonde Brigitte Lahaie and video clips taken from an Italian-French hardcore classic: Secrets d’adolescentes. Brigitte Lahaie and Julia Perrin give us fabulous sequences with high excitement. Even the softcore scenes, however, requires an immediate erection, like the one where Julia Perrin washes her pussy and masturbating. We must underline also the scene with Jane Baker naked, with her stunning body. An update you can’t lose!

Six Swedes on a Campus

Another great parade of nude actresses, signed by Erwin C. Dietrich. We’re speaking of the clips from the movie Six Swedes on a Campus. From the title we understand there’s a good presence of blondies. And it is. Blonde hair are the main topic in this movie, together with nude bodies. Starting with the mythical Brigitte Lahaie, together with other two very interesting celebrities: Kathleen KaneAnne LibertFrance LomayElsa MaroussiaNadine PascalDanièle Troeger and Diane Kelly, the only brunette in this movie. An update you can’t miss!

The Amorous Sisters

Some more classics, some more nude actresses among the most preferred by our users. And again a movie by Erwin C. Dietrich, a guarantee of fabulous scenes. We’re speaking of The Amorous Sisters, that shows some beautiful scenes with Brigitte Lahaie, one of the queens of softcore and hardcore in the ’80s and ’90s. Together with her, other nude celebrities:Jane Baker, France Lomay, Elsa Maroussia, Barbara Moose, Flore Soller and Linda Dull. Barbara Moose is a sex teacher and shows her students how touching their nipples and where are the most sensible parts in their cunt… and in the night the girls make practice. The unforgettable clips from this movie are in our archives, in HD version.

Une femme spéciale

At the end of the ’70s, in the movie A Very Special Woman (original title Une femme spéciale), the gorgeous Karin Schubert gave us some beautiful nude scenes, almost all on the seaside. She fucks with a man in the waves, she masturbates on the beach, she fucks on the rocks… In short, the collectors of naked actresses and the fans of this blonde German celebrity will be happy to see her without clothes in long sex scenes. In the same movie, other two icons of erotic cinema: Brigitte Lahaie and France Lomay. Brigitte Lahaie gives us only a couple of scenes and is not even mentioned in the credits, but she shows us some good sequences. Another must-see collection of video clips, as always in our archives.