Il miele del diavolo

From the hardcore genre we explored in the last days, we move to the softcore presenting the movie Il miele del diavolo, with the beautiful Blanca Marsillach and Corinne Clery. Marsillach gives us some very interesting and intriguing erotic scenes. You can find the complete review and many clips to illustrate it in today update.

La gabbia

Laura Antonelli had a quality, that was sensuality. A good example is in her movie La gabbia (AKA Dead Fright), in which she gives her public a constant excitement without being naked (even if you can see a full frontal covered in the shadows). But langerie, suspender belts, bras… are always present. Dealing with nude skin, a great contribute comes from Cristina Marsillach and Blanca Marsillach, the first interpreting a young Laura Antonelli and the second a mature Antonelli, who’s called Marie in this movie. A disturbed movie, with Tony Musante tied to Marie’s bed because she’s trying to prevent his abandon, as he did when younger. Directed by Patroni Griffi and the mythical Lucio Fulci as scenographist.