The Black Decameron

A new update dealing with the Decamerotic movies. This time we present a black version, the The Black Decameron (original title: Il Decamerone nero) by Piero Vivarelli, with a long list of ebony beauties, starting with his wife Beryl Cunningham. Furthermore some nudes, many of these full frontals, by Bintha Gassama, Fatou Djame, Isabelle Djallo and Josy McGregory.

Il dio serpente

One of the best updates of this month, with the trailers and review of a forgotten movie. The main actress is a young and beautiful Nadia Cassini. This movie is Il dio serpente with Nadia Cassini and Beryl Cunningham. But the real show is Nadia: sensual and exciting. In this movie she is really fashinating and provocant. Not only nude skin but also movements, smiles, a cigarette between lips…