Adulterio nacional

A man falls in love with his best friend’s wife. So he must find a way to get rid of his friend. And there is another problem. He’s married too. And so he must find a way to get rid of his wife. Will he be able to eliminate two people from his life and enjoy his new love? A pleasant Spanish comedy from the early 80s, with three stunning nude actresses: Alejandra Grepi, Azucena Hernández and Beatriz Escudero.

Agítese antes de usarla

Two rascals, a clinic, lots of naked actresses. These are the premises of this 1983 Spanish comedy directed by Mariano Ozores. If you are looking for nude Spanish actresses, then the video clips taken from this film will give a positive boost to your day. Here’s the list: Andrea Albani, Beatriz Escudero, Lucía Peralta, María Bauza and Rosa Suances.