They are graduates, integrated into society and they are living their lives. We are talking about a group of friends who one day receive bad news. One of their high school teachers was not a graduate but a scammer… and they have to repeat an exam if they want to keep their privileges.
This funny comedy gives us some interesting nudes. First of all, a full frontal by Giulia Michelini, an actress who we do not see naked so easily. Other nude or sexy celebrities are Ambra Angiolini, Barbora Bobulova and Tiziana Buldini.

Manuale d’amore 2 (Capitoli successivi)

Four different episodes describing the various stages of love. And three beautiful actresses, of the highest level. First of all Monica Bellucci, sensual and horny as always. Following, the Spanish Elsa Pataky, another amazing beauty. Finally, the Slovak Barbora Bobulova, an actress we love very much.
Delicate eroticism, naked swimming in the pool, transparent sweaters… Another joy for our eyes.

Una piccola impresa meridionale

A woman of ancient customs has a couple of problems. The son, a priest, decided to renounce the priesthood. The daughter, married, leaves her husband and runs away with a woman.
A very funny comedy filmed by Rocco Papaleo, who also gives us some very interesting nude scenes.
Barbora Bobulova and Claudia Potenza are two beautiful actresses. Barbora Bobulova has a couple of full frontal scenes.