Il buio intorno a Monica

Today we’re back speaking of a movie that was already in our archives but now we’ve new clips, all: with an higher quality: Il buio intorno a Monica. It is a jewel in erotic cinema with the beautiful Karin Schubert, Barbara Rey and Nadiuska. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives.

Porco Mondo

It’s hard to classify Porco Mondo in a genre. This movie from 1978 made by Sergio Bergonzelli, mixed many themes, from drug-movie to detective story. We’re lucky it has two high-level nude actresses: Karin Well and Barbara Rey. After years of research, we’ve finally found some good video clips and we can ejoy Karin Well nude, one of the actresses we prefer. You can’t miss the long lesbo scene with her and Barbara Rey.