Amore vuol dir gelosia

An odontologist lives with a stingy and frigid wife, mother and widows mother-in-law, grandmother, two daughters and a maid. He falls in love with the neighbor, who is the wife of a womanizer policeman. The policeman cheats on his wife with a hot butchy widow. In short, we understood little too. But we are not interested in history. We are interested in Barbara Bouchet and Milena Vukotic, who undress in this movie and they undress a lot!


Is there anything better than a lesbo scene with Barbara Bouchet? Yes, of course: two lesbo scenes! And the partners aren’t less sexy: the beautiful Rosalba Neri and Patrizia Viotti. We’re speaking of two of the best scenes in a very rare movie: Amuck (original title: Alla ricerca del piacere), a quite good detective story with both suspance and erotism. You can find these scenes and many more in our daily updated archives, together with the complete movie reviews. A great update if you love nude actresses, and from today the clips from this movie are in HD!

Casa d’appuntamento

Four queens of Italian nude cinema. Four beautiful actresses. A history of murders in a brothel, suspects, intrigues… and lots of sex. Ada Pometti, Barbara Bouchet, Piera Viotti and Rosalba Neri are very valid reasons to enjoy the erotic sequences taken from this film. Blondes, brunettes, redheads… A triumph of nude celebrities.

Colpo rovente

Frank investigates Mac Brown, owner of a pharmaceutical company, suspected of drug trafficking and illegal experiments on teenagers. Frank, however, is removed from his investigation. Mac Brown has important friendships. But when Brown is killed, Frank is called to investigate.
A decent thriller by Italian director Piero Zuffi, with two very nice actresses: Barbara Bouchet and Susanna Martinková. The nudes, unfortunately, are few.

Cry of a Prostitute

There are movies you remember for a certain scene more than for the full history. A good example is The Seducers, with the beautiful Edwige Fenech playing with a lamb (the complete review and some clips are already in our archives). Another one is the movie Cry of a Prostitute (original title is Quelli che contano), with the young Barbara Bouchet that shows her naked goodies and plays with a banana. A scene you can’t forget. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our today update.

Finalmente… le mille e una notte

Before Pasolini and his Il fiore delle mille e una notte, Antonio Margheriti made a good decamerotic, with stunning scenographies, well done costumes and some good special effect. Plus, beautiful actresses. As a matter of facts, we can admire the nude and beautiful Femi Benussi and Barbara Bouchet. We present this movie in our latest update, with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Forza ‘G’

Lovers of nude actresses find on our site a number of rare and interesting contents. An example is the sequences taken from this little-known 70s film. Forza ‘G’ recounts the life and courage of aeronautical acrobats and also shows us two beautiful actresses: Barbara Bouchet and Patrizia Adiutori. Very interesting nude sequences!

Il debito coniugale

Thelma and Louise, male version. Romolo meets his old friend Orazio, who persuades him to escape from the boredom of married life to live on expedients. The two friends begin to wander between various countries of Italy. During their journey without a destination they know a girl, Candida, who joins the company. And here begins the best part of the movie, because Candida is played by the beautiful young Barbara Bouchet.
Few nudes, but Barbara Bouchet is a sexy bomb even when she is dressed.

L'anatra all'arancia

Let’s go back to our favorite topics: sex comedy from the ’70s, Barbara Bouchet naked, Monica Vitti super sexy … Today we present the hot scenes from the movie L’anatra all’arancia a funny comedy of eroticism and cheatings that gives some exceptional sequences for the lovers of nude celebrities. Barbara Bouchet with short hair is really beautiful, and also gives us a total naked scene on the beach. No nudes, unfortunately, for Monica Vitti, but black stockings and transparencies.

La Badessa di Castro

A young woman is forced by the family to enter a convent and take vows as a abbess. You are absolutely not happy with this forced decision, of course. Also, the convent is full of corruption and she can not resist temptation.
Barbara Bouchet nude, young and beautiful. We can not ask for more.

La calandria

If you like Italian decamerotic movies and you like nude actresses, La calandria has a lot to offer you. Agostina Belli, Barbara Bouchet and Maria Grazia Spina are the three actresses who parade nude in front of the camera. Lando Buzzanca is the actor who in the 70s has repeatedly interpreted the part of the Italian latin lover. And he plays it also in this film. Many beautiful nude scenes.

La moglie in vacanza… l'amante in città

La moglie in vacanza… l’amante in città is a movie with a few nude skin even if the two actresses on the film poster are two queens of the nude cinema: Edwige Fenech and Barbara Bouchet. There are a great many of sexy scenes, but a little number of nudes. Anyway, there’s a fabulous scene with Edwige Fenech nude, with black stockings and nude breast. Gorgeous. There are also a few seconds with Barbara Bouchet nude, but for almost the whole movie this blonde queen of cinema has only scenes with a stunning lingerie. Even a little cameo of a cult celebrity from the ’80s Italian Cinema: Marcella Petrelli. You can find the nude scenes in our daily updated archives, together with a complete movie review.

La tarantola dal ventre nero

Inspector Tellini investigates serial crimes in which the victims are paralyzed and their bellies slashed with a sharp knife. This is the same way the tarantulas are killed by the black wasp …
Barbara Bouchet and Stefania Sandrelli are the two beautiful nude actresses featured in this film. Barbara Bouchet young and beautiful is a true spectacle of nature. And Stefania Sandrelli in the 70s was one of the most beautiful actresses in Italy.

Le calde notti di Don Giovanni

Honestly, we expected more from this film, which tells the adventures of the great seducer Giacomo Casanova. Instead, only two nude scenes. What a sadness. The good news is that the two nude scenes involve two fabulous actresses: Edwige Fenech and Barbara Bouchet.

Milan Caliber 9

Milan Caliber 9 is a masterpiece of the noir genre signed by the director Fernando Di Leo. It is one of the most beautiful Italian film noir of all time and in all honesty should not be reviewed by CinemaCult, because there are no nude scenes.
But in this film there is one of the most famous scenes of the beautiful Barbara Bouchet, which is her sensual dance in a night club. This is one of the most sexy sequences of this actress. And of course it is present in our archives.

Non commettere atti impuri

New week, new clips to be seen. Today we propose a review and trailers from an unforgotten classic: Non commettere atti impuri (You shall not covet). Movie made in 1971 with a beautiful and young Barbara Bouchet and a marvellous Simonetta Stefanelli. Don’t loose it!

Per le antiche scale

A site dealing with cult cinema and nude celebrities from the ’70s, can’t avoid speaking sometimes one of the most mythical actress from the erotic cinema history: Barbara Bouchet. In the movie Per le antiche scale, the beautiful Barbara delights us with total nude scenes and stockings, for her fans’ pleasure and ours. Even who isn’t an expert in cult cinema, can’t ignore the fabulous Barbara Bouchet nude. You can find a complete review of this movie and many clips with Barbara Bouchet, Adriana Asti and Adriana Falco in our archives.

Perché non facciamo l'amore?

A fake sexologist makes a home visit from a wealthy industrialist. Here, he will know the wife of the farmer and his sister, ending up involved in various sexual affairs. It could not be otherwise, since his wife and sister are interpreted by two queens of Italian cinema: Barbara Bouchet and Cinzia De Ponti. Unfortunately the nudes are few, we would have gladly looked at many more…

Ricco the Mean Machine

Paola Senatore naked, Barbara Bouchet nude and Malisa Longo naked. A trio of Italian cinema icons naked, but also an international one. They are all the main characters of the film Ricco the Mean Machine and they all three are naked in front of the camera. Barbara Bouchet performs a stunning striptease, Malisa Longo states topless or in bikinis for most of the movie and Paola Senatore gives us a beautiful scene of classic sex in bed. Three nude actresses that you can enjoyed in the video clips in our archives.

Saturday, Sunday and Friday

Edwige Fenech nude and in a japanese version, Barbara Bouchet sexiest than ever and the sexy Lova Moor coming from the Crazy Horse. There are all ingredients for a magnificent parade of nude celebrities. This is what you can find in the movie Saturday, Sunday and Friday. It’s a episodes movie and each episode makes you often smile. Plus, we can admire our daily dose of nude celebrities. You can find this unforgettable update in our archives, with a complete movie review and many clips to illustrate it.

Sex with a smile

Edwige Fenech nude again… and not alone! In today update we’re going to admire a great number of beautiful beloved women: Edwige Fenech, as we anticipated, then Giovanna Ralli, Barbara Bouchet, Dayle Haddon and Sydne Rome. They’re together in the same movie: Sex with a smile. This is a movie composed by episodes, with the nice peculiarity to show many nude skin! In our archives, you can find the whole movie review and a great selection of clips. Don’t miss it!

Spaghetti a mezzanotte

A movie, two queens. Barbara Bouchet and Alida Chelli are stunning in this classic ialian sexy comedy. Boobs, black stockings… even if the nudometer is not much high, you can appreciate these hot bodies.

Surabaya Conspiracy

A band of scammers in the Philippines are trying to recover gold bars that Commissioner Surabaya has hidden inside her villa, under the pool.
This film is also known as Stoney or The Gold Seekers and is a little known work by Barbara Bouchet. Filmed in the Philippines in 1969 by Wray Davis, this is the first and only film directed by this director.
The intriguing sequences are not very many, but we can enjoy Barbara Bouchet naked on several occasions.

The Red Queen Kills 7 Times

Barbara Bouchet and Sybil Danning naked in the same film. And in HD. This is yet another upgrade that will please the fans of naked actresses. The videos we present are drawn from the film The Red Queen Kills 7 Times, a horror realized between Italy and Germany in the early ’70s. Next to them, a super sexy Marina Malfatti that, unfortunately, does not show us her naked body. A very interesting upgrade, with new videos that enrich our HD clips archive, more and more bigger day after day.

The Rogue

Other rare sequences taken from a rare film. We are talking about The Rogue, whose original title is Nokaut. It is a dramatic film of 1971, made by the Slavic director Boro Draskovic. In the cast, two fabulous actresses: Barbara Bouchet and Margaret Lee.
The video sequences are unfortunately not of the highest quality, but they are unmissable for the Barbara Bouchet fans; in this film she’s particularly naughty.

Una cavalla tutta nuda

Una cavalla tutta nuda is a decamerotic movie from the early ’70s and presents a long and amazing scene with Barbara Bouchet nude. At first from the back, then on her knees doggy-style, and finally standing nude in front of the camera. A really awesome scene, expecially for the many Barbara Bouchet‘s fans. The movie, unfortunately poor of nude scenes, gives us another interesting sequence with Carla Romanelli nude.