Il Ladrone

Here at CinemaCult we love nude celebrities as much as our members. So that, we do not only upgrade our archives with new clips, but also restore or substitute the old videos with newest and higher quality content. An example is the group of clips we’re presenting today, with the beautiful Edwige Fenech nude, from the movie Il ladrone. Other nude celebrities in this movie: Bernadette Lafont, Auretta Gay and Marcella Petrelli.
This movie, in our archives for years, today is presented with higher quality and bigger videos. It’s a real pleasure to see the beautiful Edwige Fenech naked and sexy, while she’s running on the beach, especially in those moments in which the dress flyes away and she shows all, totally naked…


We’re always glad to present new HD clips coming from the masterpieces from the ’70s and ’80s. In example Zombie, made in 1979, the first horror movie directed by the master Lucio Fulci. Unfortunately nude skin isn’t a lot, but there is and is due to the presence of two beautiful actresses: Auretta Gay, nude on a ship and underwater, and Olga Karlatos with the shower scene, one of the most usual scenes in ’70s movies to show the actress’ nude body. Two good nude scenes from the best cult cinema.