Blue Jeans

It’s always a great pleasure for us see Gloria Guida nude, especially in a movie like Blue Jeans, where the beautiful blonde actress gives her best. Some scenes are really unforgettable, as those one in which the camera makes a close up on Gloria Guida‘s bottom, while she’s dropping her pants and crouching to pee. Only six seconds but very pleasant. There are many nude scenes in this movie and if Gloria Guida naked isn’t enough, you can see the beautiful Annie Carol Edel together with her.

Emanuelle e Francoise le sorelline

Joe D’Amato’s first experience with erotic movies was in 1975. The movie was Emanuelle e Francoise le sorelline, with a wonderful Rosemarie Lindt, Patrizia Gori, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi and Annie Carol Edel (here named Karole Annie Edel). The name Emanuelle in this title was due to the big success obtained by the writer Emmanuelle Arsan, with an M less, to avoid copyright troubles. You can find a complete review and clips on CinemaCult.

Finalmente… le mille e una notte

Before Pasolini and his Il fiore delle mille e una notte, Antonio Margheriti made a good decamerotic, with stunning scenographies, well done costumes and some good special effect. Plus, beautiful actresses. As a matter of facts, we can admire the nude and beautiful Femi Benussi and Barbara Bouchet. We present this movie in our latest update, with a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Fra’ Tazio da Velletri

The Decamerotic genre is the best to show many nude skin, often many nude actresses in the same movie. In example, in the movie that we present today, Fra’ Tazio da Velletri, we can see some of the most beautiful actresses of the time: Annie Carol Edel, Christa Linder, Claudia Bianchi, Margaret Rose Keil, Linda Sini and the busty Eva Maria Gabriel. Another update you can’t loose.

Fratello homo, sorella bona

Antonia Santilli, Bruna Olivieri, Gabriella Giorgelli, Krista Nell, Patrizia Adiutori… Here there are the beautiful naked actresses in our current update. Today we present a movie that gives a lot of nude scenes, the nice decamerotic Fratello homo, sorella bona, most viewed for the nude skins than for the plot. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

La nipote

After one year since the success of Malicious, many directors were still trying to tap into that vein, that one of this sexy genre. So, in 1974, the movie La nipote appeared, rich of nude actresses. The name are those of the most popular in Italian sexy comedy, starting with the blonde and busty Orchidea de Santis, an icon of erotic cinema. And then Francesca Muzio as the nephew, and Annie Carol Edel as the stepmother. All them always nude and sensual, with a list of fabulous scenes. An update you do not want to miss.