Act of Vengeance

A serial molester in a hockey mask wanders the streets of the city. No, it’s not Jason Voorhees. This is a much more loser dude. One of the harassed women, played by Jo Ann Harris, discovers she is not the only one, joins all the others and they organize a punitive expedition.
Certainly not a family movie. Definitely a film that also pleases us lovers of nude celebrities, with the titties of Jo Ann Harris, Anneka Di Lorenzo, Connie Strickland, Lisa Moore and Jennifer Lee.


Famous actors as Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell and Peter O’Toole played in this nearly-hardcore movie on the decay of the Roman Empire: Caligula. Yes, you’re right, an hardcore movie. Gore Vidal is the author of the screenplay, while Tinto Brass is the director and he’s the right man to have the best sex scenes. These hardcore scenes add the hot atmosphere to this little masterpiece of the cinema, the best for us, the collectors of nude celebrities. Unfortunately the real sex scenes involved only Lori Wagner and Anneka Di Lorenzo, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy the total naked scenes with Helen Mirren, Adriana Asti, Mirella D’Angelo and Teresa Ann Savoy. Even today some HD video updates you can’t loose!