La fille de Dracula

Dracula scares us, his daughter scares us… and excites us!
A young woman visits her seriously ill grandmother and her grandmother reveals a terrible truth: in the family they are all vampires because of a curse.
The direction of Jesús Franco guarantees us our dose of nude actresses, and in fact the nude sequences are many and are interesting. If you love pantyhose you will enjoy the scenes with Britt Nichols (whose real name is Carmen Yazalde) and Eduarda Pimenta. Britt wears white pantyhose without panties and Eduarda wears only tights while getting ready for the bathtub.
But there is much more in this film. And there are two long lesbian sequences with Britt Nichols and Anne Libert really unmissable.


Today we present some celebrities nude and in rare scenes. That’s what we show for the past years. And nothing gonna stop us now. Today, for example, we present some very interesting sequences from a film from the French erotic comedy, Q with one of the erotic icons of Italian cinema: Malisa Longo. It is a film with many nude celebrities, among which Anne LibertAntonia LotitoNanette CoreyFrédérique BarralClaudine Beccarie and Corinne O’Brien. A long list to suit all tastes.

Six Swedes on a Campus

Another great parade of nude actresses, signed by Erwin C. Dietrich. We’re speaking of the clips from the movie Six Swedes on a Campus. From the title we understand there’s a good presence of blondies. And it is. Blonde hair are the main topic in this movie, together with nude bodies. Starting with the mythical Brigitte Lahaie, together with other two very interesting celebrities: Kathleen KaneAnne LibertFrance LomayElsa MaroussiaNadine PascalDanièle Troeger and Diane Kelly, the only brunette in this movie. An update you can’t miss!

The Girls of Don Juan

Malisa Longo naked along with a nice list of French actresses nude that will drive you go crazy. Today we present one of the films from the French period of Malisa Longo, The Girls of Don Juan, in which she plays with many beauties. You can enjoy the lesbian scenes or threesomes with Anne Libert and Monique Vita, the slutty secretary played by Michèle Perello, Karine Jeantet in the shoes of the sweet and sexy girlfriend Mimma Biscardi (here credited as Gely Genka) that masturbating during an erotic phone call. Hot scenes and new clips in our archives, that you can’t found elsewhere.

The Rites of Frankenstein

The famous novel by Mary Shelley had tons of movie versions. Frankenstein had wives, kids, fighted against the wolfman and Dracula. Of course there are also erotic movies, as The Rites of Frankenstein (original title La maldición de Frankenstein). The nude actresses are the beautiful Britt Nichols and Anne Libert. Together with them, there is the less popular Beatriz Savón as Frankenstein’s daughter. New clips for our archives, in HD!