Dove vai in vacanza?

Many celebrities in today update, thanks to a movie that was very generous in offering us nude skin: Dove vai in vacanza?. It is composed by three episodes with three main actors (Ugo Tognazzi, Alberto Sordi and Paolo Villaggio) surrounded by many beauties, from Lory Del Santo to Stefania Sandrelli, from Annamaria Rizzoli to Lorraine De Selle, from Clara Colosimo to Rita Silva. As usual, you can find in our archives a complete review and some interesting clips.

L’insegnante al mare con tutta la classe

Today we speak of a classic from the sexy comedy, L’insegnante al mare con tutta la classe. We can admire a beautiful Annamaria Rizzoli together with a young Lino Banfi. She shows us her beauties and she let us see through a keyhole while she strips. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in our daily update, for members only.

La cameriera seduce i villeggianti

La cameriera seduce i villeggianti is a sexy Italian comedy that takes place in a small hotel. Hotel guests, naked women, erotic sequences… in short, we told you a few words ago: a classic sexy comedy.
Who strips for us on the screen? Ada Pometti, Annamaria Rizzoli and Isabella Biagini. Enjoy the sexy sequence with Isabella Biagini because her nudes are really rare.

La compagna di viaggio

Annamaria Rizzoli, Annie Belle, Marina Lotar, a young and hardly recognizable Moana Pozzi, and a very young Serena Grandi… How many movies we’re speaking of? Only one: La compagna di viaggio. It is one of those movies that shows a lot of nude celebrities. An update you can’t miss, a classical among our updates: many content and high quality!

La ripetente fa l’occhietto al preside

Present and past in today update, to meet all tastes. From the past, we present the sexy comedy La ripetente fa l’occhietto al preside, a movie with a good Lino Banfi and, above all, with Annamaria Rizzoli, nude and beautiful. She’s together with Loredana Martinez and Ria De Simone.

La settimana al mare

Another classic in Italian erotic comedy: La settimana al mare. It isn’t the best work in Mariano Laurenti‘s filmography, but we from Cinemacult aren’t so much interested in movies storyboards, we’re more interested in nude skin. Here we find an amazing group of three nude celebrities: Paola Senatore, Anna Maria Rizzoli and Annamaria Clementi. Paola Senatore gives us a short full frontal scene.

Play Motel

We’re always looking for rare movies and today we present a really rare one: Play Motel, an erotic detective story with some hardcore shadows. Among the main characters, there are three beautiful women: Annamaria Rizzoli, Marina Lotar, Patrizia Bhen, Patrizia Webley and Ulla Johannsen. Marina Lotar is the one who gives more in terms of nude skin but also the others are quite undressed, especially a pair of close up between the Webley’s legs. The complete movie review and some clips are in today update, finally in HD!

Ride bene… chi ride ultimo!

It’s always a good time to look at Orchidea de Santis naked. With the today update, we enjoy her thanks to the video clips coming from a funny episodes-movie : Ride bene… chi ride ultimo!. Next to this blonde icon of Italian sexy cinema from the ’70s, we can see other two beauties: the legendary Anna Maria Rizzoli and the less known Adriana Falco. A few sequences, but all very interesting. Nude celebrities fans will be happy to add these scenes to their collection.