Barbara's Escapades

Today update presents a very rare movie, with three beauties, very very nude. We’re speaking of Barbara’s Escapades (italian original title is Amanti miei), an erotic movie from the end of the ’70s, with Annamaria Clementi, Cindy Leadbetter (playmate for Playboy in 1978) and a young Gegia in a very spicy scene with a total nude. You can find the complete review and many clips in our archives.

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals

Laura Gemser nude, Monica Zanchi nude, Annamaria Clementi nude, Nieves Navarro nude… A similar poker can only draw attention to the film that shows them as main characters. If you add a nude Dirce Funari, very young and almost unrecognizable, then no lover of nude celebrities can resist without seeing at least once, Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals. The great Joe D’Amato, director, knows how to excite his viewers and a pair of erotic autoerotism are amazing, from the softest to the most heated, with a couple of fabulous scenes of masturbation. Nieves Navarro, who masturbates in a tent is one of our favorite scenes ever. And also Laura Gemser and Monica Zanchi that wash each others in a lake. In short, a cult film to judged A+, with regard to the bare skin. You can find in our archives the complete movie review, and obviously some HD clips to illustrate it.

Il porno shop della settima strada

A famous cult movie in today update. Today we present the movie Il porno shop della settima strada, directed by Joe D’Amato. In front of the camera, totally naked, are three beloved beauties: Annamaria Clementi, Brigitte Petronio and Annj Goren (also known as Anne Goren, or Anna Maria Napolitano). You can find a complete review and new high quality clips in our archives.

L'infermiera di notte

Today update presents four beautiful actresses: Gloria GuidaPaola SenatoreAnnamaria Clementi and Francesca Romana Coluzzi. You can’t imagine more than these. The movie is L’infermiera di notte, a little jewel in italian erotic comedy, with many scenes with nudes . You can find a complete review and many astonishing clips to illustrate it.

La puritana

Annabella is at the bedside of her dying brother, who tells her of the harassment suffered by him and his mother. And Annabella gets angry, opens a law firm in her city and plans her revenge. Very soon some of the most important citizens start to die…
Margie Newton gives us many exciting sequences. The sensual Annamaria Clementi also appears naked on the screen.

La settimana al mare

Another classic in Italian erotic comedy: La settimana al mare. It isn’t the best work in Mariano Laurenti‘s filmography, but we from Cinemacult aren’t so much interested in movies storyboards, we’re more interested in nude skin. Here we find an amazing group of three nude celebrities: Paola Senatore, Anna Maria Rizzoli and Annamaria Clementi. Paola Senatore gives us a short full frontal scene.