La città delle donne

Federico Fellini loved beautiful women and in this film it is easy to guess. A businessman gets trapped in a hotel where only women live. Among these women, there are some beautiful ones, like Anna Prucnal, or the busty Donatella Damiani, a truly mythical actress. Without a doubt one of the sexiest films of the great Fellini, with some truly unmissable sequences. The list of naked actresses? Here: Anna Prucnal, Donatella Damiani, Jole Silvani, Rosaria Tafuri and Stéphanie Loïk.

Sweet Movie

In 1974 Dusan Makavejev made a surrealist and psychedelic movie based on the adventures of two women. Title is Sweet MovieCarole Laure plays the role of Miss Universe 1984, while Anna Prucnal is a rebel who commands a strange ship. There would be many words to say on this film, but we concentrate – as usual – on nude actresses. Carole Laure nude is a gorgeous show for our eyes. And Anna Prucnal is really malicious. Don’t miss the nude clips from this movie!