La segretaria privata di mio padre

In this movie there are two Italian beauties of the 70s that made many of us dream: Anita Strindberg e Maria Rosaria Omaggio. A classic Italian sexy comedy that gives us several sequences of nude, including the inevitable shower.
The director of a company rediscovers dormant erotic impulses after the arrival of the new secretary. To fall in love with the secretary will also be the son of the director and the waiter. Long before the terms MILF and cougar were coined, the Italian erotic comedy was full of young people who were initiated into sex by doctors, teachers, waitresses, stepmothers… and today we also add the secretary to the list.

Murder Obsession

It is quite difficult finding new rare content day after day… but not for us! As a matter of facts, today we present the complete review of a quite rare movie: Murder Obsession. All the clips are now in HD. We love nude celebrities in HD! The beautiful actresses stripping in this movie are Silvia DionisioLaura Gemser and Anita Strindberg. The review and many HD clips to illustrate it are in our today update.

The Senator Likes Women

Our journey in the land of ‘nude skin in movies’ goes on with a classic masterpiece by one of our preferred directors: Lucio Fulci. The Senator Likes Women (original title is All’onorevole piacciono le donne) is a satyric movie. The member of council De Puppis (the actor Lando Buzzanca) aims to become the President of Italian Republic because of his high moral values. But he has a little trouble: a whish of intimity with all women he meets, out of control. A friend makes him going to a priest, who is a psichanalist in a feminile college… a big mistake, of course. A valued cast with Laura Antonelli, Anita Sdrindberg and Eva Czemerys. As you can see, we’ve found another rarity, here presented with a complete review and many video clips.

Tropic of Cancer

The movie we present today is Tropic of Cancer (original title Al tropico del cancro), a detective story by Lorni and Mulargia. It is placed in Haiti, where a doctor discovered a strong acid with a hard erotic influence on the patients. In the whole movie, the best scene is the one with the beautiful Anita Strindberg while experiencing the acid on herself. In our daily update you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Your Vice Is a Locked Room…

Here we’re again with a precious update: Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave. A movie with many beauties: the beautiful Edwige Fenech (here with a very sexy hair cut) togheter with a fascinating Anita Strindberg. With them, an unpopular Angela LaVorgna and two particoular contributes: a really young Dalila Di Lazzaro dancing naked on a table and a young Enrica Bonaccorti acting as a prostitute… Edwige Fenech, nude, in HD!