Six stories of women by the erotic cinema master Tinto Brass. A honeymoon with anal sex for Sarah Cosmi; Federica Tommasi and Silvia Rossi are involved in a story of sexual favors; an hotel maid that satisfies customer cravings; the adventures of a pair of swingers starring Angela Ferlaino; a honeymoon couple in London with the sensual Federica Palmer.
Among all these beauties, one of our favorites is Federica Palmer, who delights us with some fabulous sequences and a stunning body. Unfortunately, this beautiful actress has disappeared from the scenes since 2007 and there is no more news from her. We hope to see her again soon in a new movie, ofcourse naked.

The Wicked

Very erotic and passionate, Giuliana De Sio is an actress always requested by our members. Today we update our archives with some clips from the movie Cattiva. You won’t forget her magnificent breasts! You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our archives, daily updated.