Agítese antes de usarla

Two rascals, a clinic, lots of naked actresses. These are the premises of this 1983 Spanish comedy directed by Mariano Ozores. If you are looking for nude Spanish actresses, then the video clips taken from this film will give a positive boost to your day. Here’s the list: Andrea Albani, Beatriz Escudero, Lucía Peralta, María Bauza and Rosa Suances.

La caliente niña Julietta

La caliente niña Julietta (AKA The Hot Girl Juliet) is a Spanish film full of erotic sequences. We adore nude Spanish actresses, especially the beautiful Andrea Albani, who in this film performs in several breathtaking scenes.
A woman visits her former lesbian ex girlfriend, who is married to a man and leads a boring existence. The ancient fires are rekindled and for our joy the two friends will dedicate themselves to a lot of oral sex!
All the nude scenes of Andrea Albani, Eva Lyberten and Vicky Palma are truly unmissable, including an exceptional threesome lesbian.