The great many of Colpo Grosso‘s fans will be very happy with today update. Among movies, today we present Boutique, an erotic comedy with Alma Lo Moro as the main character, one of the “lucky girls” from Colpo Grosso. In the same movie, we can admire also Debora Vernetti, another celebrity who started her career with this tv show during the ’90s. You can find the complete review and many clips in our rich archives.

Colpo Grosso: Alma Lo Moro

We don’t forget our monographies on the many characters from Colpo Grosso, the cut sexy show. It was viewed in Germany and Sweden too, with the name Tutti Frutti. Today we present the actress Alma Lo Moro, one of the cin-cin girls and a competitor both in Colpo Grosso and Tutti Frutti. You can find a complete monography and many clips in our daily update.

Colpo Grosso: Cin Cin Girls

We go on with monographies from the tv show Colpo Grosso and today we present the one dedicated to the Cin Cin Girls. Some of these girls became actresses or show girls, as Jasmine CapelliAlma Lo MoroZara WhitesNikki FoleyStella Kobs… In our archives we added many new clips for the estimators of this cult show and beautiful women. An update you can’t loose.

Racconto immorale

Racconto immorale is one of those movies you can hope watching if you like nude celebrities. It hasn’t a complicated plot but it’s quite hard to pay attention to the story while some beautiful women like Virna Anderson and di Alma Lo Moro (very famous after the italian TV Show Colpo Grosso), here very sexy and horny.