Baked in Brooklyn

In Baked in Brooklyn a guy loses his job and decides to sell weed to replace his salary. Exactly, as in the TV series Weeds, but the character is a guy and not a widow. However, there’s also a girl and she’s one of the most beautiful girls in American cinema: Alexandra Daddario. And then there are Nicole Rutigliano and Janie Lynn.


Three gorgeous actresses in swimsuits for almost the entire duration of the film. There is nothing else to say about the movie Baywatch. An action film with many incursions in the comedy, a remake of the famous TV series of the 90s.
There are no nude sequences, but there is still a lot of material to get an erection, we assure you! The three actresses are Alexandra Daddario, Ilfenesh Hadera and Kelly Rohrbach. We will become blind by watching these three wonders run on the beach in their tight suits. A parade of firm, round asses.


A terrifying horror film, with little bare skin and many moments of pure fear. So why do we talk about it on CinemaCult? Because there is one of our favorite actresses: Alexandra Daddario. And our favorite scene is when Alexandra stays locked in a cold room. No, we are not sadists, but cold means… turgid nipples! Alexandra Daddario, naked or dressed, always excites us.


In Rampage there are no nude scenes. And there’s not even the actress we’re talking about. So why is there an image of the fabulous Alexandra Daddario? Because Alexandra Daddario had played a cameo in this movie of giant gorillas and giant crocodiles and giant wolves. And there were also her giant boobs! The scene was cut so people at the theaters could not enjoy this wonder with an extremely hot bikini.

Texas Chainsaw 3D

Texas Chainsaw 3D is a direct sequel to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre of 1974. In 1986 a direct sequel of the film was released, so the two sequels are incompatible with each other. Texas Chainsaw 3D was supposed to be the first of a new trilogy, but it was probably too ambitious and someone decided to turn it into a sequel. Who cares! We are only here for the two actresses in the film: Alexandra Daddario and Tania Raymonde. Few nudes, many sexy scenes, Daddario’s boobs bouncing under an open shirt … We would have liked more naked skin, but we can not complain.

The Layover

When we saw Alexandra Daddario in a swimsuit in the film Baywatch we thought she was really sexy. Today we can admire her in a bikini that shows even more bare skin.
The Layover does not offer nude sequences, unfortunately. It would have been fantastic, since the two main actresses are Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton, but we must be content with the sensual scenes, including a long sequence of sex interpreted by Alexandra Daddario. A single star regarding the review on the nudes, but five stars for Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton. They are fabulous.

True Detective [Season 1]

If Alexandra Daddario nude is very requested on the net, there could be a good list of reasons, starting with the best boobs we’ve seen in last months. And the rest of the body isn’t bad, too. Where you can see these beautiful boobs? In the nice serial True Detective. The first season ended a short time ago and we present the nude celebrities from there. Together with Alexandra Daddario, you can admire the beautiful Michelle Monaghan nude. And her fans know her nudes are extremely rare. And, plus, a striptease with Amber Carollo and a pair of astonishing scenes with Lili Simmons.


Wait is a song by the American pop rock group Maroon 5. Maybe it’s great, maybe it’s bad, it depends on the tastes. Frankly, we are not music critics. We limited ourselves to watching the video of this song for about ten thousand times, because among the protagonists there is Alexandra Daddario supersexy. But really sexy.

When We First Met

Unfortunately there are no nudes in the movie When We First Met, but we are compulsive collectors of all that concerns Alexandra Daddario. This beautiful actress is one of the most requested on our site. And there’s a reason: she’s beautiful! So, we scan each film with Alexandra Daddario looking for a sexy sequence, a turgid nipple under her shirt, an expression of enjoyment on her face… anything. And our watchful eyes have found something in this movie too.