Il giudice Mastrangelo [Season 2]

We hadn’t dealt with the first season of the TV series Il giudice Mastrangelo for a very simple reason: there were no naked actresses.
There are no nude actresses even in the second season, but this time we are interested. Why? Because there are three supersexy actresses that we couldn’t ignore: Alessia Marcuzzi, Barbara Tabita and Benedetta Valanzano.
We would have preferred them nude, but even so they make us dream. And Barbara Tabita on the beach in transparent lingerie is fabulous.

Max Calendar 1998 Backstage

Between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s we saw the peak of a passion: calendars with nude celebrities. These calendars existed before and continued to exist, but at that time we have seen many of them, for our joy.
In 1998, the beautiful Alessia Marcuzzi made one for the magazine Max, with photos by Andreas H. Bitesnic. Alessia Marcuzzi is beautiful even today, but in 1998 she was at the height of her youthful beauty. Her big and firm boobs are unforgettable.