2069: A Sex Odyssey

How beautiful were the plots of erotic films of the 70s. 2069: A Sex Odyssey, for example, tells the story of five women from the planet Venus, who are sent to the Earth to collect sperm samples. There are no men on Venus, so it’s necessary to refuel this precious liquid from time to time.
Once on Earth, the five extraterrestrials will find that convincing humans to devolve their sperm is not a difficult task.
There are many nude actresses: Alena Penz, Catharina Conti, Eva Gross, Gerti Schneider, Heidrun Hankammer, Hilde Rom, Lydia Mikulski and Nina Frederik. A 5-star movie for nude sequences.

Auf der Alm da gibt’s koa Sünd

A scientist discovers a method to turn manure into energy. Two secret agents, a man and a woman, are sent to the scientist’s country to find out the formula. The two, however, spend more time making love with each other than looking for information.
Pretty soon everyone in the area is after the scientist but they also end up having sex. In short, it’s a film where the plot is a pretext; they all fuck each other.
The beautiful actresses participating are Alena Penz, Eva Garden and Joanna Jung. Beautiful women, beautiful nudes, beautiful sequences in this pleasant German erotic comedy.

Naughty Nymphs

Naughty Nymphs is a great European sexploitation classic. When the older and puritan sister of two spicy girls came back home after she lost her job. As a consequence, the two girls’ sex life is interrupted. They’ll try to change her sexual attitude giving her some special pills, but anything goes wrong. A young and nude Sybil Danning is the older sister, while the two younger sisters are Eva Garden and Alena Penz. A beautiful blonde and a brunette. Some total naked scens and many exciting clips. The nude celebrities collectors can’t loose this update.