A Woman of the Night

Una donna di notte is one of the most hard movies with the beautiful Lorraine De Selle, so hard that it is known also with the title I pornogiochi di una donna di notte.
In this movie there aren’t hardcore scenes but total naked actresses and erotic moments for the whole movie. Together with Lorraine, there are other amazing nude bodies, in example Ajita Wilson and Franca Mantelli‘s. It’s a stunning movie, very rare and a real cult movie. You can find a complete review in our daily updated archives and many clips to illustrate it.

Apocalipsis sexual

Dealing with today update, it’s a very rare movie, Apocalipsis sexual. This is one of the rarest movies and well known among the collectors as one of the most diffucult to find. Among the actresses, there are two hotties, Ajita Wilson and Lina Romay.

Black Aphrodite

We begin a new period dedicated to classics and rarities. In example, today we present the movie Black Aphrodite with a very sexy nude celebrities: Ajita Wilson, Annik Borel and Anda Vartholomeou. Interracial, lesbo scenes, boobs and asses. In today update you can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it.

Black Deep Throat

The journalist Claudine, who suffers from nymphomania attacks, investigates the orgies organized by a famous actor.
The title of this movie, Black Deep Throat (original title is Gola profonda nera), is a clear reference to the famous Deep Throat. In the 70s in Italy it was common practice to use titles that remember other famous films. An example of all is the Emanuelle of Laura Gemser who shamelessly quotes the most famous Emmanuelle.
In this movie we find Ajita Wilson in the role of the journalist and with her there are also Agnes Kalpagos and Guia Lauri Filzi. The sex scenes are so many!

Bocca bianca, bocca nera

Many of our members ask for content from the hardcore filmography with Ajita Wilson. Today they would be happy because we’re presenting the complete review and many clips from a rare movie: Bocca bianca, bocca nera, a hardcore made in the ’80s where together with Ajita is Marina Lotar, one of the myth in Italian hardcore filmography during those years. Plus, the hot and not popular Mary Ramunno.

Candido Erotico

Even a stallon in a nightclub in Holland can fall in love with a delicate and sweet girl. He can even think to leave his life as a playboy and marry her. The trouble comes when the first night he realizes he suffer for an impotence. The only solution is being watched while he has sex, as when he worked in nightclubs. But does she agree? This is the plot in today movie: Candido Erotico (AKA The Exhibitionists), with three excellent beauties: Lilli Carati, Maria Baxa and Ajita Wilson. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it, in our daily updated archives.

Deep Thoughts

There are a lot of nude celebrities sites, but only one offers hundreds of scenes from very rare movies and movies you’ve never heard of: it’s CinemaCult. Even if we often offer all the nude scenes from the contemporary cinema and tv serials, our main task are always the nude italian celebrities between the ’70s and ’80s. Among those, one of the celebrities we prefer is Marcella Petrelli, one of the most requested by our members. Today we present her in some scenes from a very rare movie – so rare that most of you ignore it exists. The movie is Deep Thoughts. There are some unforgettable scenes from this softcore movie and Marcella Petrelli‘s followers would be glad to see them in our archives. Plus, in this movie there are other nude celebrities. In example, we can’t forget the lesbo scene with Laura Levi, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi and Louise Lovelace. And if it isn’t enough, you’ll like the scenes with Ajita Wilson and Nicole Segaud. An update you can’t loose! (more…)

Erotiko Pathos

Erotiko Pathos, by the Greek director Ilias Mylonakos, is one of the last movie with the hot Femi Benussi. Together with the beautiful Femi, there are other icons from nude cinema: Ajita Wilson and Monica Nickel. These two give us also a beautiful threesome scene. Finally, don’t miss the less famous Vanessa Ojdanic: fabulous totally naked scenes. You can find a complete review in our archives, together with some beautiful rare clips to illustrate it.

Femmine infernali

Today we present Femmine infernali, with the nude bodies of Ajita Wilson and Christina Lai. In this movie there are also some interesting softcore scenes, very near an ‘hardcore’ classification…

Hell Penitentiary

Today we go on the prisoners in the movie Hell Penitentiary, from the WIP genre (Women in prison). This is a most requested movie both because is quite rare to find out and for the many nude scenes. Among the many beauties stripping, three icons: Rita Silva, Ajita Wilson and Leda Simonetti. Also, you can see Linda Jones nude and Adriana Giuffré nude. You can find in our archives the complete movie review and many clips to illustrate it.

La doppia bocca di Erika

La doppia bocca di Erika is one of Ajita Wilson‘s first hardcore movies. He was George at the registry office and was a fireman sergeant. In the mid-seventies he changed sex and started acting in many softcore and hardcore movies. He died, very young, in Rome.
In the same film we also find the famous Guia Lauri Filzi, who played over fifty hardcore films between the 70s and 80s. Italian, perhaps of Argentine origin, you know very little about her.
And again: Laura Levi and Nadine Roussial, two other pornstars with a discrete fan base.
The film is the classic Italian porn, with some entertaining dialogue and a nice collection of hard sequences.

La principessa nuda

Ajita Wilson plays the Princess of Taslamia. A princess who goes to Italy to deal with business with some Milanese entrepreneurs. In Milan he will also meet the mysterious Gladys, played by Tina Aumont.
Gladys will introduce the princess among the wealthy people of the city. She is plotting with an unscrupulous journalist and together they will try to write a tabloid article.
Ajita Wilson and Tina Aumont show themselves with great generosity in front of the camera.


Today we present an update with three beauties. They are together in the movie Libidine, an erotic cult movie from the ’70s with Marina Lotar, Cinzia De Carolis and Ajita Wilson. The story isn’t very good but erotic scenes are quite interesting. There is an homage to Last Tango in Paris with a… butter scene. You can find in our archives a new update with a complete movie review of Libidine, and many clips to illustrate it.

Macumba Sexual

Take two sex bombs as Lina Romay and Ajita Wilson, then imagine them in a couple of lesbo scenes. It could be a dream but it is a movie by Jesús Franco: Macumba Sexual. Lina Romay isn’t gorgeous but it is one of the most exciting actresses, soft and sensual. When Lina and Ajita lick each other, the scene is one of the hottest. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.

Pensione Amore, serVizio completo

They all get naked in the movie Pensione Amore. The service of this hotel includes the owner’s nepew, a young guy with a big penis, that makes the customers – all women – happy. They all try to find a free room in this hotel. A quite rare movie with a list of beautiful actresses, all naked: Lory Del Santo (here in her beginning, as Loredana Del Santo), Marina Daunia, Ajita Wilson, Angie Vibeker… Another update you can’t miss…


A newly married couple finds a seemingly desolate place to park the car and make love, but … soon after they will be in jail! A film full of nude celebrities and for all tastes. The list of naked actresses is long: Ajita Wilson, Andrea Guzon, Gina Janssen, Nadine Pascal, Ursula Buchfellner and Uta Koepke.

The Pussycat Syndrome

The nude celebrities collectors knows that there are many movies in which the story is less important than nude scenes. There are a lot of movies between erotic and hardcore, in which stories have the only the function of linking different nude scenes. The rare movie The Pussycat Syndrome is in the first places of this “movie without story” parade. The movie goes from dramatic to comic and you never understand what the director wants. But it doesn’t matter, there’s the sexy Ajita Wilson nude and dirtier than ever. There’s also an hardcore scene, the only real blowjob in the whole movie. Togheter with Ajita, the busty Tina Eklund and the skinnier Jacquelint Marcant. Many nude scenes and a couple of lesbo scenes, too. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives.