Conviene far bene l'amore

Total nude scenes, round asses, black and white stockings… Conviene far bene l’amore is a beautiful movie for the nude celebrities collectors and there are four of the erotic queens from the ’70s: Eleonora Giorgi, Agostina Belli, Monica Strebel and Adriana Asti. In a future world, without any electric power resource, the only way to produce electricity is making sex. Volunteers are needed and of course it’s easy to find them. In our daily updated archives, you can find a complete review of this movie, together with many clips to illustrate it.

La calandria

If you like Italian decamerotic movies and you like nude actresses, La calandria has a lot to offer you. Agostina Belli, Barbara Bouchet and Maria Grazia Spina are the three actresses who parade nude in front of the camera. Lando Buzzanca is the actor who in the 70s has repeatedly interpreted the part of the Italian latin lover. And he plays it also in this film. Many beautiful nude scenes.

When Love Is Lust

Agostina Belli nude in the bathtube and Femi Benussi dressed with a wedding-gown and made a strip-show. Then she simulates sex with her partner. Then add a rare nude scene with Françoise Prévost and you’ll have the nude celebrities in our today menu. These nude celebrities come from the movie When Love Is Lust. A shy girl, a hot mother-in-law, a reckless lover… all the perfect ingredients for a classic erotic movie from the ’70s.