Californication [Season 4]

We go on following the adventures of Hank Moody in Californication because he always shows us beautiful nude celebrities. If the last two seasons weren’t full of nudes, this fourth season is better, with a long list of beauties, starting with Addison Timlin. She’s maybe one of the best breasts seen in a 2010 serial. Together with her, we can see Callie ThorneCamille ChenMegan StevensonSammi Maben and Melissa Stephens. An astonishing compilation of nudes. All the clips in our archives are HD.


We saw his first nude in the fourth season of Californication. And we loved it. Today we finally see her second nude and we still like it very much. We are talking about Addison Timlin and the beautiful nude scene she plays in the movie Submission, a love story between a professor and a student. We do not have many words to spend on the film. Our reviews are about the nudes and not the stories, and here the nude is definitely 10+!