The Seducers

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The most requested movie with Edwige Fenech nude is The Seducers (AKA Top Sensation). There are many versions of this movie, cutted, distressed, lost and refund. This movie entered the myth because of his spicy scenes, it was 1969. One of these scenes, maybe the most famous, is those with Edwige Fenech making a goat licking between her legs. But we remember also the scene in which Edwige and Rosalba Neri slater the suntan on each other or, plus, when Edwige kisses Eva Thulin‘s tits in a lesbo scene together with Rosalba Neri, too. Some very interesting scenes even if they’re often more intuitions than real sights. Our clips are from two versions of this movie: the Italian one, with a very good quality, and the English one, with a lower quality but uncensored. An unforgettable update that you can’t loose!


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Jessica Chastain is the naked actress we’re talking about today. The nude sequences are taken from Jolene, a road movie based on a controversial novel by E.L. Doctorow. Jolene moves from place to place, works as a stripper, hitchhikes and ends up in an asylum, where she has a lesbian relationship with Cindy, played by Frances Fisher. Jessica Chastain‘s first interpretation for the cinema, which until this movie had only worked in television productions.

Evil Toons

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The cult movie we present today is a kind of erotic-horror with some comedy scenes, maybe an erotic comedy with some horror scenes. The movie is Evil Toons. Four girls, among them the beautiful Penthouse Pet, Monique Gabrielle, are tiding up a witched house. Here they met a demon, looking like Taz from Looney Toones. The plot is quite poor, but the actresses are almost always nude. Together with Monique we find Madison, Suzanne Ager, Barbara Dare and Michelle Bauer. You can find a complete review and many clips to illustrate it in our daily updated archives. Now in HD.

My Sex Life… Or How I Got Into An Argument

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Paul Dedalus has many decisions to make. He should complete his PhD, would like to become an ordinary professor, wonders if he really loves his girlfriend or if he should start a love life with one of his lovers instead. We also have some decisions to make while we are watching this French film: who is most exciting among Marianne Denicourt, Emmanuelle Devos and Marion Cotillard? The original title of this great movie is Comment je me suis disputé… (ma vie sexuelle).

Ismael’s Ghosts

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Ismael’s Ghosts (original title Les fantômes d’Ismaël) is a French film that tells the story of two women, lovers of the same man. The two women are played by Marion Cotillard and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Marion Cotillard, one of our favorite French actresses, plays the man’s wife, who was missing for many years. The man, who now lives with a new partner, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg, is thus in a conflictual relationship in front of the two women of his life. Marion Cotillard naked shows us EVERYTHING!

How to Be Single

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How to be single talks about some girls, starting with the one who takes a break from the boyfriend to the one who meets men known on dating sites, to the gynecologist, to the woman who has only one night’s adventures… No nudes, but very sexy actresses: Dakota Johnson, Alison Brie and Caroline Lowe. Among the sexy sequences there is one that takes place on St. Patrick’s Day, so we couldn’t resist showing it today!